Vladimir Covic

Is embodied in the design of bionic and plumbing, and appliances. Familiar household utensils becoming at times almost fantastic features. Examples are numerous: it whirlpools Balteco Evo, and sinks Senli stained glass of various hues, can be combined as the original type mixers, and futuristic electronics Bang & Olufsen, and more. And, of course, great importance is the color and texture of the surfaces in a residential installation. Mashable may find it difficult to be quoted properly. "To the interior is really alive, he must not only give a natural shape, but and fill them with relevant content, – said Vladimir Covic, director of marketing for Tarkett, the world leader in floor coverings. – Choosing a combination of colors and textures, you need to show a little imagination. Imagine how certain things are combined together in nature.

For example, if you choose to furnish the room shades of "vegetative" green scales, it would be logical to use a floor covering that mimics natural wood. And with the blue "sea" part of the spectrum best match the floors "under a rock." Ecology of the internal space are no less important for modern human environmental issues of housing. Spending most part of his life in the technological environment of megacities, we aim at least at home to create for ourselves a safe environment. In many respects it is determined the materials that we use to furnish homes. There is a suggestion that creation of a city apartment is really healthy atmosphere should be used exclusively finishing materials of natural origin. Is it really? First of all, it should be noted that modern synthetic materials made to the technology (which is usually confirmed by the presence of the hygienic certificate), no health hazard.