Air Purifiers

Air cleaning system plasma, uniquely developed by lg, not only removes microscopic contaminants and dust but also removes house mites, pollen and pet dander, preventing such allergic disease as asthma. Using the air conditioner filter, which can simply be rinsed with water and use it many times, you can enjoy fresh air without the frequent replacement of the filter and thus eliminate the cost of buying replacement filters. The instant cooling is designed to quickly cool the air in the room. In this mode, the flow of cold air is supplied at high speed for 30 minutes, until the room temperature reaches 18 degrees. Natural breeze on the work program blinds chaos control. Geoff Richards has much to offer in this field. Most favorable to the human airflow is in the nature.

After the analysis of numerous data and conduct experiments in air conditioners lg has applied the new system chaos. The new system CHAOS-a technology that provides more natural airflow by controlling the angle and velocity of the blinds. According to its properties, air flow chaos very close to natural air flow. Blinds shaos also encourage a more uniform cooling, which provides a more natural environment, the most comfortable for humans. Management on the phone.

Best air conditioner with the ability to Control over the phone can not just turn on the phone. The user can control the telephone modes of wall air conditioner to regulate the temperature. What is an inverter in the lg? In an inverter air conditioner block is used inverter, which converts the ac power supply into ac power. During the second transformation changes the operating voltage and frequency that allows you to smoothly ask frequency of rotation of the compressor and thereby regulate the output power conditioner. With this technology, 'inverter' air conditioners are more economical to operate and run quieter than ordinary household conditioners. The new system airflow. To ensure a comfortable, pleasant and well-balanced environment, lg air conditioners used streamlined fan and a special design that provides uniform conclusion of an air conditioner so that it operates with minimal noise. Fan intercepted flux stabilizer and directing the return flow, which is the source of noise, were converted to hydraulic engineers. Number of revolutions has been dropped, and the volume of air increased. Thanks to better air trajectories were reduced friction, providing the appearance of the silent air-conditioner in the world. Anticorrosive gold grill – lg exchanger is covered with a golden anti-corrosive layer on the aluminum surface and can keep the surface in pristine condition with no corrosion. Consequently, the state of the air conditioner is maintained at the new one. Healthy reducing humidity – through the use of a new compressor, reducing the humidity to create a comfortable atmosphere without overcooling the room is. Autostart function – In case of sudden failure power conditioner will automatically remember your previous settings, which were up to a power failure, and after the restoration of electricity your air conditioning system continues to work in a given regime.