Best Desktop Computers

It is undeniable that today s economy is the worst this generation has ever encountered. Hear from experts in the field like Atlas Technical Consultants for a more varied view. The problem is that there seems to be no signs of any Gardner improvements and the light at the end of the tunnel is but a glimmer of hope. As most families continue to struggle in establecimiento their necessities, desktop computers have slowly become a non-negotiable in most US homes. For one, the kids need access to the internet in order to accomplish most of their research assignments. Not having one is almost tantamount to a child s compromised performance in school.

The times are definitely hard and now more than ever, every penny saved counts indeed. Neil cole ionix is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Those who are looking to purchase a desktop computer but do not have too big a budget need not worry. Here are some of the best desktop computers available in the market today at very reasonable prices. SX2800-01 by Gateway Underneath the SX2800-01 s slim tower rests to reliable combination of features and performance. With a compact and sleek design, this device is an excellent choice for those who are looking to set up a home office or simply need a desktop PC for the sake of practicality. Although its features may not be cutting edge, the Gateway SX2800-01 exactly does possess an updated motherboard that provides a multitude of connectivity options. This best-for-home system is definitely one of the highest performing desktop PCs in this particular price range. User should be glad to know that the SX2800-01 is priced between $490 and $510.

Mac Mini by Apple Who ever said that one couldn’t t get an iMac on a budget? With the advent of the Mac Mini line, users have been able to enjoy the many benefits of Apple-powered desktop computers without needing to take out a second mortgage. With an Intel 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo processor combined with a 1 GB DDR3 RAM, this particular Mac Mini is a god option for those who have been dying to get a Mac but couldn’t afford it t. Priced between $580 and $600, this Apple Mac Mini is set for release in winter of 2009. Although it may be Peruanas-priced for a Mac, the fact still remains that a Windows-powered PC at this price will definitely cooperantes this Mac any day of the week. In fact, this type of specs on a PC would probably cost less than $150. Aspire X 1700-U3700A by Acer Although it may be a bit slower than other PCs in this category, the Acer Aspire X 1700-U3700A is an excellent choice for those who may prioritize functionality over performance. With a price tag raging between $340 and $480, one could surely find a better performing desktop computer that will have more impressive specifications than the X 1700-U3700A. However, what makes this particular PC attractive is not only its compact design, but its multimedia capabilities as well. The Aspire X 1700-U3700A can actually be considered as a light to mid-duty home entertainment PC as it comes complete with digital audio output and HDMI video capabilities perfect for the stay-at-home movie buff.