Buyer Beware, Product Hazards

Carefully read the label on the product 2. Pay attention to the hazard class of funds. Safe for human resources have the hazard class 4 and further. Manufacturers that produce environmentally friendly products do not hide the figure. 3. Pay attention to warnings.

The prohibition of storage facilities near open flames and heat sources said about him fire hazard, therefore, the contents of a vehicle alcohol or acetone. Learn more on the subject from Peter Asaro . Work by any means possible only if there is good ventilation or use for the exterior. 4. We do not recommend to use a tool to where there are inscriptions such as' avoid contact with exposed skin ',' avoid contact with clothes', 'do not breathe fumes. " This powerful chemical compounds that are dangerous in themselves. 5. Do not use the import tools the instruction to which there is no Russian-language translation.

6. Carefully read the instructions on the use of funds. You may find that you get the industrial version and is not able to produce in a residential technology processing. 7. Pay attention to the assignment means. Often, the name does not match the destination. Import tools are recommended as a means of dealing with mold, often designed only for protection from its appearance. 8. Conduct a simple calculation – the spending per square meter multiplied by the number of layers. Expensive tool that should be applied in several layers, can get expensive in the long run single-layer coating more expensive vehicle. 9. Ask the seller (manufacturer's representative, dealer) about the possibility of the subsequent application of finishing materials for the selected vehicle-treated surface (paint, varnish, primers, etc.). Some tools are designed for finishing, the surface treatment is difficult to apply finishing materials. 10. Evaluate the protective properties of – the duration of action, resistance to external influences. 11. Check the date of manufacture and date. 12. Require the seller a certificate of conformity and hygiene certificate.