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Porcelain TREAD Steps

Right and important factor is the correct approach to the initial installation and materials used for lining stair steps from the long length keramogranita.Ukladka granite on the steps of a very prevalent in recent years. Granite tiles and granite monolithic stairs trim stairs both inside buildings and outdoors. The technology allows the clutch stoneware finish stair treads almost any shape, the main condition – good surface preparation steps prior to installation. Get all the facts and insights with Mashable, another great source of information. Subject to all regulatory conditions – allows to decorate porcelain as conventional direct level and angular step ladders in the corners. A vertical “wall” under the stage risers decided to close. Choosing the risers of granite, you need to pay attention not only on the appearance of this part, but also to know the exact height of the staircase steps. Kip Cyprus may also support this cause. For facing sites stairs, best of porcelain tiles of the same factory as the stage or as close as possible to color and texture pattern. It must be remembered that granite steps need to be special anti-skid anti-slip strips, then downhill and climbing stairs will be as safe.

When laying the granite steps on the street, used as usually heated floors in the place where the passage chast.Stupeni of granite on the street is best used not as polished granite can be cut matovuyu.Chem stage? For cutting granite steps to reviews builders has proved popular diamond blade for cutting the water company Distar (Russia). The cost to drive construction market in the middle 1350-1400rub/sht. The thickness of the disk must be 1.5-1.6mm, no more! In Example Machine that pack level? The optimal material for paving granite steps in the ratio of price and quality – in excellent adhesive showed plitochnyy’Yunis granite.

Metal Windows

One of the highlights of repair is to install windows. Now at the peak of the popularity of plastic windows. Most new homes are already equipped with such windows as they are much cheaper than wood and have more merit. First, they keep longer presentable, and they do not need to paint or treat their water-repellent agents. Second, the high heat and sound insulation, plastic windows reduce noise levels by 2.5 times. Third, they are not afraid thermal loads, they can withstand -50 to +50. Fourth, they are fireproof, as they have self-extinguishing properties.

And fifth, they are environmentally friendly. When the plastic windows only appeared in Russia, many were confused with the concepts of "box PVC" and "glass." Some believed that these two names for one and the same phenomenon. But this is wrong: in fact, glass is one of the elements PVC windows. PVC job of protecting the house from the cold wind and moisture better than wood. PVC window completely sealed and the chamber window, there is a vacuum, which complicates the access of cold, humidity and wind into the house.

This box will save you money on the purchase of insulation, sealants, electricity, you spend on heaters. Installation of metal window consists of several stages. First, experts measure the window opening. For correct installation of windows you want to know the exact size. We recommend you still trust this event professionals as well as an error in millimeters may pose a problem, for example, draft, or purchase additional insulation for cracks, uneven or installing windows. In the second stage, your order can be delivered to the shop, where he is a manufacturer of window. They are usually gotovlenie takes 5 days. The finished box is quality control, conformance with the certification of goods. After all the tests, the window is sent to your home dyal installation. Here begins the most dirty stage. We advise you as possible to remove the carpet from the floor, or at least lay a him anything. Push the window furniture, remove curtains and drapes. And is it possible to twist the cornice if clearance from the small window opening. The first thing to do is remove the old installers and window frames. When will be stripped and the installation site further installation begins. Frames for windows ustanovlivayut with the side anchor. Fixation takes place above and below. Gaps are treated foam. How poravilo when buying windows you offer to replace the sill and put drain. It will be convenient and profitable. Poddokonnik attached with the mounting elements. After casting the interior in proper form installers take up the exterior and install sinks for water. After this set slopes. And then the sign is still on paper for the windows and admire.

Buyer Beware, Product Hazards

Carefully read the label on the product 2. Pay attention to the hazard class of funds. Safe for human resources have the hazard class 4 and further. Manufacturers that produce environmentally friendly products do not hide the figure. 3. Pay attention to warnings.

The prohibition of storage facilities near open flames and heat sources said about him fire hazard, therefore, the contents of a vehicle alcohol or acetone. Learn more on the subject from Peter Asaro . Work by any means possible only if there is good ventilation or use for the exterior. 4. We do not recommend to use a tool to where there are inscriptions such as' avoid contact with exposed skin ',' avoid contact with clothes', 'do not breathe fumes. " This powerful chemical compounds that are dangerous in themselves. 5. Do not use the import tools the instruction to which there is no Russian-language translation.

6. Carefully read the instructions on the use of funds. You may find that you get the industrial version and is not able to produce in a residential technology processing. 7. Pay attention to the assignment means. Often, the name does not match the destination. Import tools are recommended as a means of dealing with mold, often designed only for protection from its appearance. 8. Conduct a simple calculation – the spending per square meter multiplied by the number of layers. Expensive tool that should be applied in several layers, can get expensive in the long run single-layer coating more expensive vehicle. 9. Ask the seller (manufacturer's representative, dealer) about the possibility of the subsequent application of finishing materials for the selected vehicle-treated surface (paint, varnish, primers, etc.). Some tools are designed for finishing, the surface treatment is difficult to apply finishing materials. 10. Evaluate the protective properties of – the duration of action, resistance to external influences. 11. Check the date of manufacture and date. 12. Require the seller a certificate of conformity and hygiene certificate.

Industrial Concrete

Liquid concrete floors Industrial floors can be laid with the help of technology fills floor – sometimes referred to as flooded floors. Coating produced by this technology, called filler concrete floor. Filler concrete floor looks like linoleum, but feels like a smooth tile. Credit: Peter Asaro -2011. Self-leveling floor can be of different colors. In our study we used the existing colors and custom-made – individually customized. The thickness of the liquid concrete floors of different types can vary from 10 to 50 mm. We also recommend that the optimum thickness of 20-25 mm, at which the material retains its strength characteristics and the customer does not do too much.

The technology of liquid gender is most often used in areas where the floor are increased requirements: chemical stability and abrasion resistance (including high humidity), the need for anti-static protection or special hygienic requirements. This is, first of all, relates to a self-leveling floors in industrial premises, garages, ramps as well as in offices with high traffic. Online there are a number ‘Regular’ colors bulk of gender, as well as almost any color upon request. Self-leveling floor-leveling floors made strictly on the technology are not afraid to shock – dents and cracks are formed. Also, they are not afraid of changes in temperature. How to evaluate the material filling the concrete floor specialists – is nontoxic and nonflammable surface. Moreover, all types of liquid coatings, both in Europe and in Ukraine, from compulsory certification. The advantages of liquid Concrete: a familiar look, shiny, monolithic bulk of sex, self-leveling floor unit, which guarantees longevity (at least 40 years), moisture resistance and high chemical resistance, hygienic and easy to clean – it is possible to wash with plain water without handling the special trains, technology assumes a high floor filler adhesion to virtually any reason, fire safety, toxicity, ease and speed device in a number of our products, this stuff is brand Betamiks.

Ceramic Tile On Plywood

In the course of finishing, there are situations when it is necessary to combine different materials in its structure. Here is an example. The customer planned parquet throughout the apartment. Was carried out ground 'plywood on sleepers'. In the process, he (the customer) has decided to put in the hallway tiles. The decision is correct, you come off the street and the sand falls to the floor, no flooring can not survive long.

But the tiles are traditionally placed on coupler, which is almost immune to the horizontal displacement. Wood and ceramics by well behave differently during operation, plywood subject line changes can not be said about ceramics. In this scheme (this plywood timber) movement will be when the temperature and humidity conditions. For their connection required elastic adhesive. It is best suited for bonding ceramic component polyurethane parquet adhesives.

Two component – are the two components, the first – polyurethane resin, the second – hardener. Mixed before use, the lifetime varies from different manufacturers from 30 to 60 minutes. Not to be confused and do not compare with the Soviet "Epoxy" is a different product, both in composition and quality. Two-component polyurethane adhesives on the market weight, here are a few: Bona R-770, Staufen-PUK-440. Utsin MK-92, Kiilto Slim, Yurga 2K PU and many others. Initially, two-component adhesive was designed to lay solid wood and parquet from exotic wood. Movement of the array when the humidity decent, and many other exotic adhesives to glue impossible. The Germans in this piece is placed adhesive parquet on concrete screed, bypassing the plywood, we just turned this scheme to 180 degrees. It was decided to use the scheme "ceramic tile on plywood ', two-component adhesive in this case manifests itself at its best. The only disadvantage of this scheme, the impossibility of the device "warm floor". For underfloor heating is better to use a traditional scheme – tie. The scheme of laying ceramic veneers: 1. logs 50 * 70, 2. Plywood WBP 18mm, 3. waterborne parquet glue, 4. 12mm plywood WBP, 5. Glue 2-hkomponentny parquet, 6. ceramic tile. Installation Recommendations: 1. Laghi pack increments not exceeding 400 mm, double-glued plywood will provide additional rigidity to the base, plywood, one layer does not suitable for the scheme, possible fracture of ceramic tiles in the joints. 2. For 2-hkomponentnogo on plywood substrate is not required, but for wet areas can be used, for example, Bona R-410. 3. Use dispenser (spatula with slots) on 850gr/kv.m that there was no extrusion of excess glue in the seam, but if it came out, then mechanically remove the next day a piece of cake. Pros of this scheme? 1. In houses with wooden beams, it is indispensable. 2. Minimum load Compared with screed. 3. Clay pottery is not only sticks to the plywood, but also acts as gidroizolyatora. 4. The adhesive is fast enough, the possibility of walking on packed ceramics after 30 minutes. 5. Grout joints Ceramic tile can be carried out on the same day. By the way, there was a new generation of parquet glue based on modified silane. It hardens in a chemical reaction with atmospheric moisture, as well as pulling it out base. Now is not the scary hit of glue on the front side, it is removed with a cloth without a trace, which is not the case with polyurethane. I would single out the main advantage of this glue – 'high residual elasticity of the adhesive joint,' he best suited for bonding wood and ceramics.

Construction Of Apartment Houses. Integrated Approach

Construction of apartment buildings can provide housing for many people. For comparison, if a one-story shack there is a place only for 1-3 families, in the same area, but actually in an apartment house accommodate about 150-200 people, to create comfortable living conditions for 20-25 families. The architectural appearance of almost every major city is changing with regular consistency: twenty years ago, wooden hovel, yesterday – classic five-story building, now – pleasing to the eye and comfortable high-rise buildings. It is significant, but this trend is relevant not only for Moscow but for small towns where there is a shortage of housing due to increase in the population. Experience has shown that rapidly solve the problem can be voiced only by the construction of apartment houses and, in particular, the elimination of old housing and build high-rise increase the area of the sleeping areas, a point of central part of the city can not but rejoice that in the construction of apartment buildings are actively used in practice modern construction and finishing materials and technologies that reduce construction costs. Quality homes at the same time does not change.

Thus, conducting construction in Saratov, Samara, the capital city, any city, developers are less likely to seek assistance to contractors, and full use of their manufacturing capabilities, combined in diversified holdings. For solid construction companies today have become the norm not only experience in providing services general contractor, but also its own production base, producing reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete structures, piles, concrete and other building materials, modern plastic windows, etc. Of course, this Globalization deserves applause only: with the housing shortage problem is solved (by the appearance of new jobs), the problem of employment of citizens. An integrated approach to building high-rise buildings can effectively solve another problem – namely, the availability of one square meter. This is especially true for young families who do not have the money to buy their housing. If the construction company does not overpay for building materials, and applies to practice their own resources, independently carries out the sale of apartments, is engaged in the letting of commercial property – it is profitable not only for the construction company, but for buyers of housing. By the way, to work with diversified holdings brand building and cost-effective and business structures: the cost of renting commercial property from the developer on the order of less than searching sites for offices, shops, warehouse through a real estate agency.