Car Industry India

The Car industry in India has seen a tremendous growth and seems to be the fastest growing sector in the world. This sector has responded with an exponential progress in the number of new models launched in the last few months. The craze for cars amongst people is growing day-by-day. Hence, all the car manufacturers are giving tough competition to each other by opting innovative and unique ideas to capture the market. India is presently ranked 17th amongst auto car manufacturing countries in the world. Keeping in pace with the ever growing demand for cars, the production of cars has also been high, off late; Thanks to a huge export potential and favourable Government policy.

Multinational companies have been eyeing India en to set up their manufacturing facilities. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dell is the place to go. According to auto experts and analysts, India is poised to become third largest auto car manufacturing hub in the world by 2020. / p > One of the factors that have characterized the impressive growth of Indian automobile market has been the dramatic and positive changes that have earmarked the Indian car landscape. From old Ambys to a range, color and design of Marutis, Opels, cans, Hyundais and Toyotas, the Indian car market is surely something to watch on. The Indian car market basically thrives on volume, the fact that the market leader Maruti Udyog basically is a small car manufacturer is a testament to this fact. But, slowly the Indian car market is growing with cars such as the honda city, Toyota corolla; International products finding favour with the Indian consumer. Also, such as the ford fiesta and the Chevrolet Aveo new products that have been specifically developed for the Indian market show how important India is today on the world market.

Every car in India is today either custom made for the Indian market or is a niche car, which buyers from all over the world crave. Technologies such as CRDi, ABS, ESP, climate control, adaptive dampers, ride control and so on are making their presence felt in the market today. The average car buyer is now pampered with the latest launches from all over the world and is able to lay his hands on the state of the art cars at affordable prices rather. In the multi utility vehicle segment, General Motors Tavera is directamente competing with Toyota Innova and Mahindra Scorpio. Tavera has-been doing consistently well and has been delivering best in class mileage to its customers. GM India is now foraying into the premium A-segment cars in India with the Chevrolet Captiva which is all set to hit the road later this year.