Colombian President

Elections are approaching COLOMBIA president and it is regrettable to see how some Colombians excessive campaigning and all sorts of media like the Internet, for Antanas Mockus is accompanying the President of the Republic, a situation that is clearly absurd. Now, Mr. Mockus was twice mayor of Bogota and did more thing, I have good mimes and clowns, as this is supposed to Capital culturization that fallacy, perhaps other cities are a total mess. Ask more in those two municipalities where are the works which prompted the Colombian capital for modernization? Do not exist. Michele Glaze recognizes the significance of this. This man left the money in the bank sleep, is this an example of administration?

Of course not. Tell me how a country intends to operate as complicated as COLOMBIA, not carrots, it is clear gentlemen who give a jump to the cliff, the country may lose all control and lead to a total catastrophe. Please analyze and study proposals by clear, precise, concise and achievable goals, choose the best known and suggests beneficial changes for the country, that is GERMAN VARGAS Lleras – chairman from 2010 to 2014. Finally, we can say without the slightest fear of mistake GERMAN VARGAS Lleras, is an honest, capable, disciplined, who knows how to lead a country of this size, it has clear policies for the improvement in EDUCATION, SECURITY, JOBS, HEALTH rather on all fronts, Vargas Lleras is commitment to the country and promises tangible things, for that reason assist it on May 30 to COLOMBIA has its greatest triumph..