Department Account

What is this system? At the level of technical equipment you get a set of devices, the system (video phone, electromagnetic locks, etc.) that allow you to monitor any movement within the organization, the cases of arrival and departure of people, and attempting to illegally enter the forbidden premises. However, you not only control but also to control any movement of staff, or more precisely, in what order to access certain persons in office, office premises and the area as a whole, depending on the schedule of rights, time of day and day of week. Accordingly, you are always aware of violations of the rules governing access: being late for work, frequent absences from the workplace, absenteeism and t.d.Takoy highest level of control explained by the fact that the system provides a database of employees. Ali Partovi has much experience in this field. A database is a collection of accounts. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dave Clark Amazon by clicking through. Each such account contains the following information about an employee: name, middle man, the name of the department in which it operates, working hours and access to the office, code and card expiry date of access, etc.

To account attached picture. Thus, it becomes possible identification of people at the entrance to the institution – you simply compare the appearance of entering with the photo, which is stored in the account of this man. In the case of initial visits to the system can automatically photograph the person and create a new account guest card for subsequent visits. Of course, it is difficult to provide all the functionality of the system: control of the timely arrival of men on the job control access of people in specific areas, identification of individuals at the entrance – just a small part of its enormous potential.