Industrial Revolution Direct

In view of a problem as to standardize and to qualify hand of direct workmanship, inside of its sectors, involving the processes and the people, can influence in the improvement of the productivity, adding real values and controlling what really necessary and are being produced. The main objective is to analyze the process of standardization of the products offered in the Panificadora, mainly the French bread product that is the car head of the company. Already the specific objectives are: to describe as it was the standardization process, to verify the importance of the standardization and to verify as it is the process of Training and qualification of the direct man power aiming in last instance a sustainable growth with the creation of a sistmica vision of the company. Thus, all these actions focadas and told here for the implantation of a standardized system will indicate forms and will give tools so that the organization reaches better resulted and profits, that will definitively influence the increase of its productivity. 2. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION 2,1 Processes of Standardization of the Products the first form of organized production had been the craftsmen, since they established delivery stated periods, consequently establishing priorities, took care of preset specifications and fixed prices for its orders. With the great number of orders, they had started to contract assistant. The artisan production started to enter in decay with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

With the discovery of the machine the vapor in 1764 for James Watt, has beginning the process of substitution of the force human being for the force of the machine. The craftsmen, who until then worked in its proper workshops, had started to be grouped in the first plants. This true one revolution in the way as the products was manufactured brought obtains some requirements. For example: Standardization of the products; Standardization of the manufacture processes; Training and qualification of the direct man power; Creation and development of the managemental pictures and supervision; Development of planning techniques and control of the production; Development of planning techniques and financial control; Development of sales techniques.