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Strategy Companies

Strategy and management if write together or separate? Ally to the enormous development of the technology, with its systems, softwares, equipment and clouds, the world of the companies passes for other crucial changes of market, of attitude of the consumers, the form of if relating with them, of the virtual businesses and the consequncias that this everything provokes in the structures of the companies and its commands. That professional would be apt to participate inside of this moment of the companies? How to keep the company in safe route with as many changes? With certainty many new abilities are if adding to the internal structures and the models of management, from the strategical changes provoked by the new scenes of market. The profile of the managers is not more the same. They had left a paper of 150 years behind, to get resulted purely come back the volumes of repetitive production, to occupy another one where the important one is to know to congregate the people certain, of the correct form, to obtain what it would not obtain itself individually and to reach the strategical goals. But, this everything sounds strange nowadays.

Much has been said in planning, organization, processes, teams and pointers, perhaps but little if it makes in this direction. Perhaps the speed of the changes has created a new culture where innovation, creation, start up, social marketing and leaderships had passed to be seen as essential and enough. The paper of the manager was dislocated for an almost contemptuous category, of unjust form. Nor all the new incredible entrepreneurs will make start ups. Nor all the executives have profile of leaders to defy rules constantly.

Nor all the developed products will be a success and nor all the companies only need this. A thing is the academic quarrel of trends and ways and another one are the reality, the day the day of the great majority of the companies who, when searching the adaptation to each new change, if forget to implement the previous one that they had started. To walk we have to give a step after the other. The search of innovations without end, in the products and positionings leaves of side, many times, the basic one of a company: strategy, management or if to prefer, information, processes and people. The Vecchi apia Ancona, works, defines and vibrates with each start up, each great joined solution and with each leader who if detaches in the market with initiatives and challenging decisions, but it also is to the side of who needs to rethink its strategy, to mount a safe from model management, to control resulted through pointers and to enable its companies to this everything, that is, to make the basic one. To make simple is the way to learn itself to walk, to run, to fly It counts on us to fly together.

Interactive Messengers

It made then the great chance for sites of comparison of prices. The Internet more passed each time to be part of the life of the people, and mainly of as they communicated themselves. E-mails was not more enough efficient. Tools of chat (known as IM – Interactive Messengers) as ICQ, Live Messenger and Google Talk had been developed making much success. Storage and increasing speed of connection and prices falling. Better and accessible digital cameras.

Cellular that they film. Perfect environment for a great publication platform of domestic videos in the Internet: Youtube. With the increasing familiarization of the users with the Internet, and the universalizao of the access took the Web to a level of bigger social complexity. Elaborated forms more of interaction if made necessary, giving space for the enormous development of the social nets and web 2,0, as to twitter and facebook. The sites of social nets are excellent platforms of interaction, but they are limitantes in its format. All the users use joint standard of tools the same, and nor always they possess the freedom of if expressing, sharing, to divulge, to promote quarrels of the form as they understand well. Ali Partovi has similar goals. Moreover, the proper page in a social net always of that sensation to be only plus one between many.

A growth accented of blogs, and the companies occurs then who house or produce platforms for blogs. But to have this everything ahead of the PC only was little. Cellular if they had developed incrivelmente and now a great part of the population walks for the streets with true computers of pocket. An enormous market for new applicatory, accessory, services and propaganda. When the Internet seemed for some depleted in functionality terms, appears new a great phenomenon: the combination of the power of aglutinao of interests of the Internet with the bargaining power of purchases in great volume and with it I appeal advertising a great propaganda had led to the explosion of sites of collective purchases. This explosion was so great is as many options of sites and products that a new category of sites has grown very: search of offers of collective purchases. the TV? The TV still is very traditional for most of the population. Exactly the TV paid still possesss few resources if comparative to the wealth of interatividade of the Internet. The next wave, already started but not yet blown up it is the fusing of the medias, the fusing of the Internet with the television. (To read more). It folloies our articles and new features following the money etc. in twitter.

Industrial Revolution Direct

In view of a problem as to standardize and to qualify hand of direct workmanship, inside of its sectors, involving the processes and the people, can influence in the improvement of the productivity, adding real values and controlling what really necessary and are being produced. The main objective is to analyze the process of standardization of the products offered in the Panificadora, mainly the French bread product that is the car head of the company. Already the specific objectives are: to describe as it was the standardization process, to verify the importance of the standardization and to verify as it is the process of Training and qualification of the direct man power aiming in last instance a sustainable growth with the creation of a sistmica vision of the company. Thus, all these actions focadas and told here for the implantation of a standardized system will indicate forms and will give tools so that the organization reaches better resulted and profits, that will definitively influence the increase of its productivity. 2. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION 2,1 Processes of Standardization of the Products the first form of organized production had been the craftsmen, since they established delivery stated periods, consequently establishing priorities, took care of preset specifications and fixed prices for its orders. With the great number of orders, they had started to contract assistant. The artisan production started to enter in decay with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

With the discovery of the machine the vapor in 1764 for James Watt, has beginning the process of substitution of the force human being for the force of the machine. The craftsmen, who until then worked in its proper workshops, had started to be grouped in the first plants. This true one revolution in the way as the products was manufactured brought obtains some requirements. For example: Standardization of the products; Standardization of the manufacture processes; Training and qualification of the direct man power; Creation and development of the managemental pictures and supervision; Development of planning techniques and control of the production; Development of planning techniques and financial control; Development of sales techniques.

Enterprise Strategy

(ANSOFF, 1990, p.58) this direction, Coast (2007) believes that the objectives and goals produce parameters key for organization in the course of the planning. Norton and Kaplan (1997) affirm that the goals also must be ambitious and to indicate the degree of overcoming for company, as well as understood for all the organization. Thompson and Strickland (2002, apud RODRIGUES et al, 2009) make an important addend to the subject. The authors teach that the objectives, of the enterprise point of view, possess two contents: strategical financier and. How much to the financier, its importance rests in the direction to assure resources for the survival in short term.

In face to the strategical content, they play important role in the construction of today in favor of the future success. Bethlem (2009) brings an interesting teaching to the light of the objectives, therefore it tells that the objectives can have, between several, four more important and usual ends. They are: profit, growth, survival and prestige. In what respect to the profit is said, the author mentions that the strategy mentions the interrelation of insumos, processes and products to it. For example, insumo: to buy more cheap; process: to produce more cheap; product: to vender more cheap. In face to the objective growth, Bethlem (2009, p.34) says: The growth of the company in equity can be result of the strategies of bigger profit since that it reinvests the exceeding profit.

It could also be gotten, remaining the equal profit, since that it had greater investment in the company, deriving of external sources. (BETHLEM, 2009, p, 34) the survival objectives take care of to the perspective of related strategies the injunction, as control of competition, elaboration of scenes and technological prospection. (BETHLEM, 2009). Finally, for the author, objective prestige answers the aspects related to the image and identity of the organization. The monitoramento of the goals is of utmost importance for the planning. One knows that the external environment is dynamic and changeable; in such a way, to follow periodically the course of the goals is of good uses to advantage. In elapsing of the planning it can occur of some goals to meet below of level indicated for the period. Therefore, the necessity of the periodic monitoramento. References ANSOFF, H.I., the new enterprise strategy. So Paulo: Atlases, 1990. 265 P. BETHLEM., Enterprise Strategy, Concepts, process and strategical administration. 6. Ed. So Paulo: Atlas S.A, 2009. 396 P. COSTA, E.