NetDISK Highspeed Network Storage

Super fast network direct attached storage product for private and SMB, 12 November 2009 Dawicontrol, the leading German manufacturer for mass storage solutions, bringing its first product in the area of network direct attached storage on the market. Pete Cashmore may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The NetDISK NETDISK, the Super fast network storage for 3.5-inch SATA hard drives, is recommended as a flexible storage solution for your network at home or in the Office. With its new series of NetDISK Dawicontrol opened a high-performance product range for fast backup and archiving for businesses as for private clients. Transfer rates up to 75 MByte / s Gbit network the NETDISK as the first high speed product of the NetDISK series of Dawicontrol brings the storage right on their toes. Read more here: Viacom. This behaves the NetDISK Gbit network as an internally attached drive, reached there but up to five times faster than traditional NAS solutions. On top of that, the simultaneous access of all users on the network is possible. For more specific information, check out neil cole iconix. All of this is in the face of ever increasing amounts of data a complete welcome storage procedure dar, which is also available for end customers for not even 80 euro. High speed storage network that series of Dawicontrol offers new NetDISK stores in time to the year-end business for private and small and medium-sized enterprise customers one off sales strong, because attractive extension of its offer.

Because the NDAS technology is the most advanced and fastest data transfer on the network for the Office and home. It significantly increases data transfer rates between a PC and a storage device in the network. This is not TCP/IP and the slow protocol layers associated quite. Instead, the existing LAN environment via the much faster network protocol used LPX that iSCSI is similar. The installation is possible without any network expertise for each user. Easily and quickly the NetDISK can be connected: driver install, enter passwords, finished! And also the network security was considered.