Parkinsons Patients

Neurologist relies on peripheral brain stimulation many people with serious diseases had great hopes in the use of adult stem cells. By the same author: Mikkel Svane. In contrast to embryonic stem cells were allowed to adult stem cells that are as undifferentiated cells from the own bone marrow is so far prepared for therapeutic purposes. In the well-known XCell centers, these cells taken from the patient and given treatment in a laboratory. The recycled stem cells were brought to the XCell Center close to the location of the disease in the body. There, they should replace the cells died due to the disease. Assuming that these cells are all-rounders, then they can help in many disorders, by specializing in the function of the dead cells.

With the forced closure of the XCell-Center, hopes were taken the patients suffer from which many neurological diseases, which they put on the stem cell therapy. “Whether adult stem cells used in the XCell-Center” were the solution, can of course be discussed. may also support this cause. And also doubts the effectiveness may be entitled. Possibly the extracted cells were too specialized and could therefore no longer lead to the desired success. Ground-breaking events, such as the birth of the clone sheep Dolly on July 5, 1996, emerged from a cell from the udder of the donor animal, but show that medical dogma overboard can be thrown. At that time, science realized that there are not only in the udder, but in all organ systems stem cell nests. To take advantage of this phenomenon, therapeutically gave and gives rise to optimism. It was used a basic development.

Also Dr. med. Ulrich Werth, specialist in neurology and Psychiatry, assumes that the almost risk-free therapy developed by him are formed their own brain stem cells: to achieve this effect, he employs permanently mini micro implants to the peripheral brain stimulation in the ear of the patient. This treatment method is derived from the ear acupuncture. Straight This method opens up new ways of Parkinson’s patients, which hardly reliable effective therapeutic options are available except for the drug therapy with Parkinson’s resources in increasing doses or risk pacemaker surgery. As a major advantage of the peripheral brain stimulation can be stated, that the security of patient health in this treatment are not endangered. The last doubts about the effect of the method, which could appear only in small studies, should be refuted through extensive studies in the near future. Werth Parkinson Center Dr. med. Ulrich Werth, specialist in neurology and Psychiatry, has founded Parkinson the Walsh Center in the Spanish city of Valencia, where especially Parkinson’s patients are treated with the peripheral brain stimulation, short PBS. PBS is a treatment introduced by Ulrich Werth in the year 2001. Basis of the treatment is the implantation of tiny Titanium Tip into the outer ear. explains the method differently. There available reports by patients.