Pharmaceutical Industry

' What it is more difficult of everything? What it seems more easy: To see with its eyes what he is ahead of its olhos' ' Goethe (1749-1832) Introduction the look workmanships of literature was perceived that the use of medicinal plants for the human beings if extends in the time, if loses at the time where the men still lived in the caves and nor they knew the writing. Probably it appeared because of the religious rituals where plants with alucingenas properties were used it placed what it in the human eyes in character of divine entities. With elapsing of the development of the Pharmaceutical Industry its use decayed, but partner – cultural as of the aboriginals was preserved inside of some groups and of more humble people moved away from the traditional medicine. ' ' Before the 1800, when the medicine entered in the scientific area, traditional medicine that if he used of the plants she was considered as the unquestioned base for all the pharmacology book-text classic. Only with the advent of the call ' ' science mdica' ' it is that the fitoterapia was relegated to the plan of a modality fitoterapia as a special or alternative branch of the medicine. When we consider that the history of the classic fitoterapia crosses 2000 more than, of most used during that period not only have specific actions as well as are free of dangerous collateral effect. In case that I oppose, they would not have been passed ahead with as much confidence through as many times and cultures. He would be frivolous to more than consider the collective experience of 50 generations of doctors and patients with one ' ' effect placebo' ' (Schultz, Hansel, Tyler (2002 apud Benedum (1998)) Medicinal plants had been substituted in pharmacies in century XX for pharmacies for medicines contend active substances of extracted them or its synthetic derivatives. Learn more at: Pete Cashmore.