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INJURY Training

CLASSIFICATION OF the INJURY the evolutivo process of the injury if develops due the periods of training of tecidual suffering, in which it consists of drawn out time, effectiveness of the quality of the nursing assistance, beyond external factors. In them we classify in IV levels, which go of I the IV, classification this published by European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) and GNEAUPP, apud BLOND, 2007. Period of training I the skin is presented unbroken, can occur color alteration (vermelhido, hematoma), eritrema that the pressure does not disappear (> 30 min), beyond alteration of Temperature (hot or cold), can occur sensation of pain and irritation, beyond a possible indurao. hout. Period of training II Is about partial a cutaneous injury, which reaches derme and/or epidermis, normally they are superficial ulcers and presents in form of socket (crater) flat or fstulas, abrasion and flictema. Period of training III Is observed for presenting a total cutaneous injury. Injury and necrosis of the fabric cellular subcutaneous, without involving the underlying muscular fscia, therefore are about deep and cavitria ulcer.

Period of training IV recognized must to the aggravation of period of training III, where a damage in all thickness of the skin will occur, getting an extensive destruction and necrosis extending itself it the muscle, bone and other structures (corporal tendes, joints and sockets). Frequent existence of fistulosos passages associate to the osteomielite, sepses and high mortality. NURSING REGISTER the ulcers for pressure in cicatrizao phase are not classified. The evolution of the ulcers will have to be registered in the nursing notations.

Pharmaceutical Industry

' What it is more difficult of everything? What it seems more easy: To see with its eyes what he is ahead of its olhos' ' Goethe (1749-1832) Introduction the look workmanships of literature was perceived that the use of medicinal plants for the human beings if extends in the time, if loses at the time where the men still lived in the caves and nor they knew the writing. Probably it appeared because of the religious rituals where plants with alucingenas properties were used it placed what it in the human eyes in character of divine entities. With elapsing of the development of the Pharmaceutical Industry its use decayed, but partner – cultural as of the aboriginals was preserved inside of some groups and of more humble people moved away from the traditional medicine. ' ' Before the 1800, when the medicine entered in the scientific area, traditional medicine that if he used of the plants she was considered as the unquestioned base for all the pharmacology book-text classic. Only with the advent of the call ' ' science mdica' ' it is that the fitoterapia was relegated to the plan of a modality fitoterapia as a special or alternative branch of the medicine. When we consider that the history of the classic fitoterapia crosses 2000 more than, of most used during that period not only have specific actions as well as are free of dangerous collateral effect. In case that I oppose, they would not have been passed ahead with as much confidence through as many times and cultures. He would be frivolous to more than consider the collective experience of 50 generations of doctors and patients with one ' ' effect placebo' ' (Schultz, Hansel, Tyler (2002 apud Benedum (1998)) Medicinal plants had been substituted in pharmacies in century XX for pharmacies for medicines contend active substances of extracted them or its synthetic derivatives. Learn more at: Pete Cashmore.

Industrial Revolution

In accordance with Neme (2000) in the antiquity consists that contracts of marriages were cultivated when the girl if found between the 13 and 14 years of age, has seen that the life expectancy of the citizens of this time was inferior the 25 years of age. As it describes this author, in middle of century XVII, they had started to appear stories, in medical literature, of very precocious pregnancies, as the case of a girl who gave the light to the six years, in 1658, and of another one, that in 1884, gave to the light to the seven years, for natural childbirth, the two embryos of the masculine sex, stillborn, here in Brazil. It has that if to consider, as it emphasizes Neme (2000), that events as these are bonanza and translate situations of sexual precocidade endcrina associate the clutters of genetic nature. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robotics expert . In the end of century XVIII, in the great decurrent occured changes of the Industrial Revolution in the Europe, an ample field to the women confided, in some sectors of activities until then only exerted for the men. These changes had been dividing the women, to the few, between the profession and the maternity, increasing in elapsing of the centuries the age for the first pregnancy (HUNTER, TRAJANO and BASTOS, 2009). However, until at the beginning of century XX, the pregnancy enters the age of 12 the 19 years still was considered habitual event for the cultural standards and the effective customs.

In 1922, for example, Harris defined the age of 16 years as the moment ‘ ‘ timo’ ‘ for the birth of the first son (NEME, 2000). Only from the third decade of century XX, the tax of fecundidade of girls with inferior age the 19 years was diminishing, in the majority of the countries, becoming the pregnancy in this etria band badly seen by the society (PEAR TREE, 2009). However, as they tell to Heilborn et al (2009), from the second half of century XX, when the process of separation between sex and procreation had beginning, a deep transformation of the customs affected behaviors of men and women, where the preservation of the virginity until the marriage was losing its meaning moral..

The System

Ahead of this context also the error can be considered reflected of one politics of precarious health, of the lack of more frequent and more operating a fiscalizador agency and authorities in the hospitals to evaluate the conditions of the work identifying problems and preventing errors. We have conscience that the philosophy of the nursing is not to cure, but simply to take care of, therefore the cure is of medical ability, to also prescribe drugs, and ahead of the fatdica situation, when the professional to miss, to execute inadequate function the situation goes to be distinguished and this they go to be punished, after all the system is in crisis, then the care also. I think that nobody would like to make a mistake, but in the presence of the error ' ' They only look culpados' ' , also we must know the causes of the error, what it led to happen, after all does not have missed hour, missed person, when we take care of, only responsibility. Of this conturbado universe that afflicts the people very the human being is estressado of nature, consequence of the mental and physical exhaustion, therefore to exceed overtime as 24, 36 and 48 consume, diminish income, colaborante factor for such, therefore the attention and the concentration are primordial to act in the practical one of care. Reason (1990) cited by the IOM (2007, p.54) defines error as ' ' the occasion where a gliding sequence of physical or mental activities does not obtain to reach the intended result, not being able these imperfections to be attributed acaso.' ' In accordance with this author, can to speak of error when intention exists, what it means that when we are before a not deliberate behavior, we are not before an error. When an error occurs, the immediate reaction is to look for to identify ' ' culpado' '.