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Renewable Energy

Asia-Pacific economic cooperation workshop in Taipei recently held the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation workshop on the promotion of renewable energies and pricing mechanisms came on September 27 in Taipei City at the conclusion. Members discussed co-ordination strategies and key topics affecting the economies of other members. Amended, Wan Yunn-ming, Deputy Director-General of the energy Office, which is under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), said that the development of a solid promotion of renewable energies and a pricing mechanism for each economy of the key for a sustainable development of renewable energies is. Kip Cyprus can provide more clarity in the matter. Due to the focus of this workshop where experiences and information about renewable energy among the economies were exchanged APEC, Taiwan has made it clear his important role in the initiation and coordination of important APEC energy issues. If you would like to know more then you should visit Kip C. Cyprus. The two-day meeting was by 110 participants of the APEC member economies, how E.g. Australia, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and mainland China, visited. The host role of Taiwan goes along with the Government’s efforts, APEC to promote energy cooperation by regional political dialogue.

The workshop also illustrates the fact that energy policy and the projects are every economy in context, with the goals of APEC in terms of a regional economy and sustainable development. The participants agree that all APEC economies must work together to achieve an efficient, flexible, transparent and reliable promotion of renewable energies and a pricing mechanism. Also, there is consensus on the understanding that private financing must be encouraged to make possible the support and promotion of activities related to renewable energies. These conclusions are meeting the APEC Ministerial”clean renewable energy and sustainability, which likely will take place on 30 September in Bali, be presented.