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Unilateral Satellite Internet

Satellite communications is one of the types of radio communication, which uses satellites as repeaters, transmitters. Transmission of the information transmitted by satellite to terrestrial receivers that can be as mobile stations, and stationary. The transmission of information via satellite is a development of the traditional microwave transmission method of transporting the transmitter-repeater distant height. In view of the fact that the area appeared to relay in this case – almost half the land, there is no need to create a coherent chain of transmitters – most often one is enough. Consider one type of establishment the exchange of information users in the global network using satellite. One-way satellite Internet transmits information from the subscriber stations 'terrestrial' channels of communication and returns a response to the computer user back via satellite.

Output signal can be relayed to any known version of Internet access: adsl / gprs modem, a dedicated one. Returning the response at high speed is transmitted through satellite. Sending a request via the local Internet provider. Approach even the low-speed gprs modem phone. Receiving the response of traffic through the High Speed satellite channel. important! Outbound traffic – it's kilobytes data is a request to the opening of an Internet site / page, it's always a paltry information as compared with the main flow of data – with the admission (direct opening of the site, download music, movies, etc.) that will now be carried out via high-speed satellite channel. As a result! High speed data acquisition up to 8 Mbps, save up to 20% satellite and 80% of ground traffic, tariff plans of this type of connection calculated at the rate of 1rub. / 1Mb; rosmotr television channels with high quality, quality service user support, one-way satellite internet connected at any point of Russia (as well as countries in the Middle abroad). Now you can forget that old problem of dial-up and overload the network provider is used, as well as disconnected, as if it were only the DIAL-UP!

Telecommunications Industry Association

Moscow: ranking of the most hazardous to health cell phones controversy about how mobile phones are dangerous to health, go long. The data of many studies on the impact of mobile phones on the human body often contradict each other. Learn more on the subject from Robotics. However, there is an objective indicator of the impact of your phone to an organism that can be measured – the so-called sar. In June last year, the Association of manufacturers of equipment for mobile communications (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association's – CTIA) ordered the manufacturers of mobile phones indicated in the characteristics of the phone option sar (Specific absorption rates), which characterizes the specific power absorption by the body. According to ctia, the maximum permissible sar value is equal to 1.6 W / kg. Phones rate above this value a priori included in the category are hazardous to health. So far, however, not all manufacturers follow the instructions ctia. For even more opinions, read materials from Douglas R. Oberhelman. Below we publish a summary table of mobile phones with the highest sar (their consider the most dangerous to health) and phones with the lowest sar (they are considered the safest). 'The safest mobile phones': Motorola v3688 – 0,02 SAR; Motorola StarTac70 – 0,02; Nokia 8850 – 0,22; Nokia 8810 – 0,22; Ericsson GH628 – 0,26; Sony CMDX-1000 – 0 1941; Sony CMD-C1 – 0,41; Nokia 8890 – 0,53; Motorola T2288 – 0,54; Motorola CD930 – 0,70 sar. 'The most dangerous cell phones': Bosch GSM-908 – 1.59 SAR; Philips Genie – 1,52; Ericsson LX-588 1,51; Ericsson T28 – 1,49; nec DB4000 – 1,23; Nokia 3110 – 1,24; Siemens C35i – 1,19; Nokia 6210 – 1 1919; Siemens M35i – 1,14; Nokia 3210 – 1,14 sar. So the debate and talk about the dangers of cell phones being a long time. However, it seems all is not too difficult. In most cases, adverse effects can be harmful body only with prolonged exposure. For example, according to some reports, the risk of lung cancer increases significantly only after 10 years of active smoking. Probably also with a cell phone. If they use little by little and not very often and use the most secure model, it is hardly a threat to health. Another thing constant prolonged use of the telephone for many years. There's even possible brain cancer, but also then, as a rule, only after the occurrence of precancerous lesions and diseases.