Unilateral Satellite Internet

Satellite communications is one of the types of radio communication, which uses satellites as repeaters, transmitters. Transmission of the information transmitted by satellite to terrestrial receivers that can be as mobile stations, and stationary. The transmission of information via satellite is a development of the traditional microwave transmission method of transporting the transmitter-repeater distant height. In view of the fact that the area appeared to relay in this case – almost half the land, there is no need to create a coherent chain of transmitters – most often one is enough. Consider one type of establishment the exchange of information users in the global network using satellite. One-way satellite Internet transmits information from the subscriber stations 'terrestrial' channels of communication and returns a response to the computer user back via satellite.

Output signal can be relayed to any known version of Internet access: adsl / gprs modem, a dedicated one. Returning the response at high speed is transmitted through satellite. Sending a request via the local Internet provider. Approach even the low-speed gprs modem phone. Receiving the response of traffic through the High Speed satellite channel. important! Outbound traffic – it's kilobytes data is a request to the opening of an Internet site / page, it's always a paltry information as compared with the main flow of data – with the admission (direct opening of the site, download music, movies, etc.) that will now be carried out via high-speed satellite channel. As a result! High speed data acquisition up to 8 Mbps, save up to 20% satellite and 80% of ground traffic, tariff plans of this type of connection calculated at the rate of 1rub. / 1Mb; rosmotr television channels with high quality, quality service user support, one-way satellite internet connected at any point of Russia (as well as countries in the Middle abroad). Now you can forget that old problem of dial-up and overload the network provider is used, as well as disconnected, as if it were only the DIAL-UP!