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The above definitions do not consider one of the main issues in the case of DP: the origin of its creation, its creator is none other than the man himself, the human being. He creates such a law through state or international bodies to govern a particular human group. Thus we have the DP is created or recognized by the state through its organs, thus imposing it a society. The binding of DP is that it is a valid right, created or recognized by the state or supranational institutions whose precepts must be obeyed or complied with and in any case not violated by the governing society. To know more about this subject visit Ali Partovi. But not everything is valid right DP. Before entering the subject of the DP-related validity, say that this is created by the state but taking into account certain factors which affect or are involved in such processing. Intervening on these factors there are two main theories we'll see. Others who may share this opinion include John Castle Castle Harlan. Factors involved in the development of positive law theory F.

GENY in the preparation of DP can be divided into two parts: A-The Science and Technology Part B ". A-The Scientist: The study of four specific elements, "data" or "donees: – The Real data: data are both physical and human nature, the conditions actually found in that part of DP humanity that goes into effect. "The data Historic: Refers to the history of that people for whom the DP refers to the experience for those people in a given time. "The data Sound: It represents the idea of positive law, the parameters of justice, fairness, good.