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District Court

About the out-of-court settlement and the consumer insolvency, it can go very fast: have recorded a credit and can no longer pay for it. You have a damage without insurance. You have verspekuliert is an investment. There is a long list of things that lead to unsustainable debt. You once in the so-called debt trap, a way out is often not possible. Interest rates and any reminders debt starts to grow in addition rather than that they have been shrinking. If you have recognized the hopelessness of your situation, this is the first step to bring the finances back in order. (A valuable related resource: Mikkel Svane).

A second should be towards a lawyer in your area who has worked in the insolvency law. Bankruptcy does not mean that they need to sign a private insolvency or bankruptcy. A lawyer for insolvency law is to assume that it has appropriate qualifications in the area of debt counselling. When a professional debt advice, your situation is analyzed first. To do this requires the lawyer all documents from your creditors, indicating what the demands are. As a result, the creditors are individually written to make a comparison and thus an out-of-court agreement. Comparison means that the lawyer suggests a certain low amount the creditors, you can pay off debt monthly.

Most creditors agree to such a comparison, because otherwise a consumer insolvency, where they would get nothing. One of the creditors will fail the comparison, is the lawyer for you in negotiations and will do his best to find a solution for both parties. His efforts fail a consumer insolvency proceedings may be requested, which is approved by the District Court generally. A trustee is appointed after approval of the procedure. This checks for example, whether a mass or assets that it can distribute to creditors. Still, he monitors the Insolvency proceedings. Because you are undergoing so-called good behavior during your bankruptcy. In this phase, you are obliged to fulfil various obligations. So must seek, for example, to work, regularly to prove your income, share with address and so on. After six years, the Court decides whether a residual debt exemption can be obtained. If you have kept to the obligations during the procedure and the Court has approved the remaining debts by Decree, you are completely free of your debt.

Taxpayers Gets Money

Date is end of may, and some pushes them on the backburner of the tax return. Why unnecessarily give away money? Just under half of the taxpayers get back money from the State through the tax return Bonn, close 2010. About half of Germans, for the most part employed, confront the complex German tax law and take advantage of their chance at redemption. Speaking candidly Peter Asaro told us the story. 27 per cent do so still by hand, ten per cent access to time-saving tax software and good any third party trusted his accountants. As a reward a pleasing amount of the State reaps about half. This was the result of a survey of the market research firm of forsa society for social research and statistical analysis on behalf of Softwareload, the download portal of Deutsche Telekom.

Tax return for 2008 and the forecast for 2009 more than half, exactly 60 percent of those polled, 2009 issued a tax return for 2008. Including the professionals with 76 percent contributed the largest share; most active filled the 45 up 59-year old the forms out. With 10 percent difference, more men than women to submit the tax return and get your money back. The difference between West and East is narrow seven percent advantage for the western part of the country. Almost half of those who have submitted a tax return, reveled in repayments: received up to 500 euro, seven percent of which even bulging over 1,500 euro amounts.

This year it looks like with an upward trend: more than 60 percent of Germans would not waive the money, which is available to them by the State, and again the proportion of workers with four-fifths will be the largest by far. By hand, program or advice? About every second even cared for his tax return. Of ten percent on tax software trust, well, half filled their documents by hand and the rest, 14 percent, took advantage of the ELSTER form.

Finance Ministers

reduce taxable income by up to 64.9 percent of the investment amount. Atypical silent participation in a nursing home with sheltered housing as a private placement. The distributions are tax free, because the object in a redevelopment area. Annual tax-free payment of up to 7% already from 2009 about 15% additional payout after 7 years from the liquidity reserve return of principal after 7 years of 100% initial negative tax result for 2009 to 68.7% based on the nominal amount of so-called available in closed-end funds have been in recent years after each incumbent Finance Ministers undermined. Because such funds often were of dubious quality and the tax benefits were offset by excessive soft costs often again, we deem this not wrong. The quality of the investment should be always at the forefront of an investment decision.

If then additionally possibilities of the tax savings are given, this is a good argument. However, atypical silent partnerships are a way to claim high advertising costs in the year of investment. This currently, the BTW real estate company tells that the establishment Finance Office has again recognized the advertising costs in full this year. This means that the investors could reduce your taxable income by up to 64.9% of the investment amount. Currently, the company offers a share in a health care facility in Thuringia, Germany. For the proposed nursing home, a long waiting list is already in the construction phase.

The existing homes have a load of over 98%.Because the building in a redevelopment area, the distributions of 7% per year for seven years are tax free. The withdrawal takes place after 7 years at their nominal value plus 15% excess profit distribution. More information to the for this offer, see or under social real estate. Since 2003, the advertising costs have been regularly recognized by the IRS and we have every year agreed payments made on time. In 2011, the first investments are already taken back. After extension of the investments, we reject requests, “stresses Andreas Haufs, Managing Director of BTW real estate.

VG Dusseldorf: Classification Of E-cigarettes As Drugs

– your daily portion of right! The Verwaltungsgericht Dusseldorf had rejected it as we know by order of the 16.01.2012, to prohibit the land North Rhine-Westphalia, to warn publicly about E-cigarettes. Meanwhile, the reasons for the decision were released. Out of these, stating that the Court quite extensively dealt with the question, whether the nicotine liquids used in electronic cigarettes as a drug can be classified as the North Rhine-Westphalia Health Minister Steffens says. “The Court comes to the conclusion that the classification of liquids as not apparent outlandish remedy” was. Although is not Dusseldorf according to the VG at the controversial E-cigarettes to presentation medicines, because the process concrete product as a stimulant will offers. It but speak a lot that the classification as medicinal products function was justified.

Already in the information documents submitted by the applicant would, that not only Nicotine in General is a substance which is liable to affect physiological functions in pharmacological way, but that this is the case also in the special way of the inhalation by E-cigarettes. Because the applicant had argued with the information presented, even heavy smokers were able, without changing withdrawal symptoms on the electrical cigarette, because they received in the amount of nicotine. This make clear that just a targeted influence of physiological function is intended. The stress and at the same time stimulates and brain effect outgoing of the smoking should be achieved. Otherwise as the VG Frankfurt/Oder, in his decision of 14th October 2011 tends to the VG Dusseldorf also cause it to arrive for the classification as medicinal products is not on a therapeutic purpose of E-cigarettes. Finally the Court considers also to assume might be that E-cigarettes are subject not to the preliminary tobacco law.

Because in their contained liquid are the E-cigarette, nor that According to the Court wholly or partly of tobacco”. That the in the liquid contained nicotine content is obtained from tobacco, have not become the product a tobacco product. Also the product will not be smoking, chewing or other oral use determined, because inhaling the vapor is an other, not addressed in the preliminary tobacco act application form. The inhalation of vapour could not be equated with an oral use. The VG Dusseldorf has verified the classification of electric cigarettes as medicines simply, whether this legal opinion acceptable so: is not grossly wrong. Whether this assessment is ultimately also really true, the Court had to answer. The arguments put forward by the Court could provide opponents of the electronic cigarettes still new ammunition. Here the two-edged nature of verwaltungsgerichtlicher urgent procedure evident with their summarischem”character. Before testing, the appropriate legal classification of electric cigarettes in the administrative summary proceedings to fight, can therefore only be warned. Always applies, if in second instance even the higher administrative court Munster to the attempt himself, to prohibit the Land Nordrhein-Westfalen warnings about E-cigarettes. A possible negative decision of the OVG could entail that a domino effect not only in North Rhine-Westphalia. Other non-binding and free information related to the pharmaceutical law, see