The Costs Of Quality And Scope

"Experience has shown chelae programs of quality control often pay for themselves almost from its inception and the total yield is many times greater than the initial costs …" General Feingenbaum Both the accounting department of the company, as the production department must have well-established everything that involves costs of quality and those who are not, with respect to the first known are those incurred in the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of a quality system organization, with respect to the other are those costs of the organization engaged in the process of continuous quality improvement, and cost of systems, products and services that have failed or frustrated by not having success in the market than expected. gives us the "cost of non quality", is also known as the "price of default" or the cost of getting things wrong or incorrectly. Concept, scope, basic considerations He defined as those expenditures caused by inefficiencies or failures, which are avoidable, for example, rework, scrap, returns, repairs, replacements, care costs to complaints and enforcement of security requirements, among others. On the other hand, others include both the concept of cost of quality. reminds us that "non-quality costs" may mean about 20 to 25% of the total invoiced value. Definitely these costs vary in each organization, but efforts should be directed to initiate processes to avoid them as identification to be presented to management committees amazed by their numbers and projections and the alarm will be the driving force behind processes of change towards a new orientation towards Customer Service. _Philip B. Crosby, believes that amounts to 35% of the operating costs of utilities. _ Tom Peters estimated to represent 40