The National Conference

In the semifinals of the National Conference of the NFL, the first encounter was the Green Bay Packers before Atlanta Falcons, leaders of the NFC South with a record of thirteen WINS and three defeats that helped them win the division and make sure all their games of the playoffs as local. For its part, the Packers were in second place in the NFC North and managed to advance to the playoffs in the NFL as one of the wildcards from the National Conference. Green Bay has a record of ten WINS and six losses during the current season. The previous year the Packers also were second with 11-5 mark, but failed to advance beyond the first round of the playoffs. With respect to Atlanta, the previous season they were second in its respective division with nine WINS and seven losses. But for the current season the Falcons aimed to improve their position so that although they started the season with a defeat, were re-established with four consecutive wins before his second defeat.

After this they marked a run of eight victories to the thread, a lost third and finally a triumph that put them at the top of their division and sent direct to the playoffs. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Steve Wozniak and gain more knowledge.. During his visit to Atlanta, the Packers outperformed the premises giving the task to highlight and leverage all the weak points of the Hawks for a score of 48-21 in their favor and the pass at the end of the NFC. The number 1 NFC began imposing home and party achieving their first score five minutes from the end of the first quarter. However in the second quarter the visitors managed to score early to tie the score. Atlanta returned to put in front soon after, but Green Bay soon returned to attack to close the first part with 3 annotations and a 28-14 lead.