Training Weapons

The diverse masters had also started to give YOU great emphasis to the use of weapons in its training, but not them originary weapons of China and that they folloied the KEMPO training (or of I eat YOU to TANG was known), but yes with the new suitable weapons of the utensils of work in the field, becoming incorporated itself it the basic techniques of training. As the traditional clothes of the Japanese soldiers it was the wooden armor with part of bamboo, to reach an efficient blow with the naked hands, without weapons, demanded a bonanza conditioning of the hands and the feet, that was only obtained with exhausting training in the MAKIWARA. Later, with the war of Japan with China, this art modified its Chinese characteristics, for the Japanese form. KARAT started to call itself, that means hands empty. Thus the Karat appeared, having as founding the Master Ginchim Funakoshi who idealized and applied a new method to practise this fight searching in the Karat the sociocultural construction of the practitioner.

In the end of century XIX, Ginchim Funakoshi (1868 -1957) being the responsible one for the creation of the new martial art: the Karat. With a combination of methods, techniques and characteristics of the schools Surit and Nahate, celebrities schools of martial arts of Okinawa. Who was also Ginchim Funakoshi adaptou karat martial art, 16 for karat sport, karat cultural of the corporal movement, being also responsible for its fast diffusion in the remaining portion of the world. Who was Funakoshi created the Shotokan style, had consequently appeared other styles of karat created by other masters of the martial arts.