In the 90 years of global industrial recession affected all sectors of the economy completely. However, some of them hit particularly hard. These belonged, of course, and the crane building. In the period 1990 to 1998 production For example, mobile cranes fell 14 times. However, later the situation has changed, and the rapid decline gave way to let the laid-back, but still growth. And today the production of cranes road course in Russia is engaged in two dozen companies.

Crane market in Russia today is increasing demand for cranes in the domestic market due to what is happening in recent years, output growth in industry, construction and agriculture. And the market needs are met, mainly due to the Russian manufacturers of truck cranes: selling imported truck cranes are only a few percent of the total sales. It is not hard to guess that this is due to the difference in prices. Imported cranes on average one and a half times more expensive than domestic ones. Truth and excellence as they have a significant. In principle, many note that the maintenance of our cranes have to invest so much money in the long run they are more expensive than imported counterparts. However, domestic consumers are not yet ready to spread round the amount for foreign special equipment that allows our producers to feel confident enough in the market. However, in order to compete with each other, many of them are moving towards the use of small amounts of imported components.