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Thus, it is possible to provide speed and direction in carrying out construction work. Building brick is one of the best materials to build a dwelling house, as it allows flexibility to organize the entire process of building and facade, which includes the following steps: 1. Preparatory phase – the basis of all subsequent operations. It is necessary because there is no reason to doubt it is important to prepare the building materials and site in general to construction of the house. With different variations, it usually involves a sequence of operations, ranging from the layout of the site and ending with the entrance device for vehicles with building materials. 2. Creating the foundation and construction of basement. One of the best reasons for an individual house is a solid foundation in the basis of which the iron-concrete beam.

Traditionally, however, the foundation is poured concrete, which also gives a strong and resistant to structural deformation. 3. Walling. The walls are recommended thickness of one brick, then coat the outside of specially designated for facing material. To create an internal walls ideal solution is to use ceramic bricks. 4. Creating a roof.

First, create a load-bearing portion of the trusses and frames, and then it is imposed from the sheathing boards and flooring. One of the most successful and practical solution is to use the attic space as another example, the labor room. In this case the ideal French roof, which has a gable bends. 5. Laying the roof. Leaky roof – it is not just bad form of construction, but less absolute masters at home. The roof, of course, must be waterproof, durable and lightweight maximum. From this point of view of coating of galvanized steel sheets will be a good solution and will serve at least 20 years. 6. Laying floors. Floors, in contrast to the roof will be in direct contact, and therefore it is important to ensure that they are good thermal insulation, strength and rigidity. As experience shows, double-layer wood floors – one of the best solutions in terms of thermal conductivity. 7. Decorating the walls. After cleaning the floors and ceilings can start finishing the walls that can be done in your individual style with applying gypsum board. By that list, perhaps you can add one more, of course, the creative stage, namely the arrangement of the courtyard and landscaping. Durable and stylish, it is best to create a track, using high-strength ceramic or clinker brick. With this decision, they serve faithfully and not only you but also your grandchildren.