Excellent Clientserver Chat

MyChat – a product of Network Software Solutions. Version 4.0 – the latest and, one might say, the most perfect. The product was fully tested and stress tests. MyChat works as a local network or via the Internet. Chat interface is translated into three languages – Russian, Ukrainian and English. Hopefully in the future this list will grow.

Members MyChat speak well about the product and say that it is fast, consumes little memory and traffic (works perfectly even via GPRS connection!) and has broad capabilities for setting up and integrated into an operating system. And now in more detail about the product MyChat 4.0. The main features of this software, you can mark it reliability, stable operation, the ability to control the work of both the server and the client, confidentiality of communication, ease of use and settings. I think many organizations are faced with inability to control all the talk of their employees if they use programs such as ICQ, Skype, MSN Messenger and others. We are in no way belittle the quality of these products, but they will not allow you to manage all conversations, which are maintained in the network. With MyChat this problem is completely solved.

Everything will be controlled. Chat perfectly combines a pleasant and ergonomic interface for the user, and interesting technical solutions that will please administrators and IT staff of organizations and household networks. Alerts You can create as a text message and send it to users, indicating the time of this alert.