Construction Of Apartment Houses. Integrated Approach

Construction of apartment buildings can provide housing for many people. For comparison, if a one-story shack there is a place only for 1-3 families, in the same area, but actually in an apartment house accommodate about 150-200 people, to create comfortable living conditions for 20-25 families. The architectural appearance of almost every major city is changing with regular consistency: twenty years ago, wooden hovel, yesterday – classic five-story building, now – pleasing to the eye and comfortable high-rise buildings. It is significant, but this trend is relevant not only for Moscow but for small towns where there is a shortage of housing due to increase in the population. Experience has shown that rapidly solve the problem can be voiced only by the construction of apartment houses and, in particular, the elimination of old housing and build high-rise increase the area of the sleeping areas, a point of central part of the city can not but rejoice that in the construction of apartment buildings are actively used in practice modern construction and finishing materials and technologies that reduce construction costs. Quality homes at the same time does not change.

Thus, conducting construction in Saratov, Samara, the capital city, any city, developers are less likely to seek assistance to contractors, and full use of their manufacturing capabilities, combined in diversified holdings. For solid construction companies today have become the norm not only experience in providing services general contractor, but also its own production base, producing reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete structures, piles, concrete and other building materials, modern plastic windows, etc. Of course, this Globalization deserves applause only: with the housing shortage problem is solved (by the appearance of new jobs), the problem of employment of citizens. An integrated approach to building high-rise buildings can effectively solve another problem – namely, the availability of one square meter. This is especially true for young families who do not have the money to buy their housing. If the construction company does not overpay for building materials, and applies to practice their own resources, independently carries out the sale of apartments, is engaged in the letting of commercial property – it is profitable not only for the construction company, but for buyers of housing. By the way, to work with diversified holdings brand building and cost-effective and business structures: the cost of renting commercial property from the developer on the order of less than searching sites for offices, shops, warehouse through a real estate agency.