Perfect Language Computer

Industry representatives reveal their expert knowledge of Stuttgart/Dusseldorf / Berlin, December 2008 – in the communication between company and voice dialog systems has gained in the past few years meaning their customers. But not all applications are mature, often nothing but frustration and the feeling remains with the user, to speak with a stupid machine. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Michael Dell. Bad voice applications often have defects that resolve would have been consistently avoiding the known pitfalls with comparatively little effort”, so Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for the industry initiative voice business in Dusseldorf. Since 2007, the Fraunhofer Institute for work and organisation for the voice business initiative works together with leading experts of the German-speaking trade scene at an industry standard of quality for voice applications. In a first step, the experts have together identified criteria, measures and procedures for the collection of quality and optimization of voice applications and described.

The Results of the first phase of the project quality criteria for voice applications in the study guide – “is published. The developed quality criteria and dimensions and procedure for the collection and optimization of Applikationsqualitat provide a unique overview of current best-practice approaches. On the basis of this preparatory work, a guide is now created outlining specific development processes in the style of a cookbook for typical calibration practice examples illustrate. A pleasant voice, reliable speech recognition and a dash of clarity in the language menu already exists the perfect man-machine dialogue. So just the reality in some cases not is though, but knows Jorn Kreutel, Chief Technology Officer at SemanticEdg in Berlin,: Although each language application project brings individual requirements, but still there are many similarities between the different applications. We have developed the cookbook to manufacturing through a series of prototypical applications that Expert knowledge of the most innovative industry representatives to represent as a guide for users and providers”. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Asaro . The language dialog professionals are engaged to be the the entire spectrum of the voice application information and information services, reminder and alarm services to systems for authentication.

Especially in the use of information services, companies should rely on good ergonomics. Short dialogues and a clear structure are the most important criteria for the design of an information service. Many callers expect a clear answer to your question from a voice response system in a short time. Experts advise initiative in a mixed”, the caller control the dialog with your own questions, rather than stubbornly working off a menu tree. Unclear information, which must identify system keywords and specifically ask for. But be careful: users set the system too sensitive, recognize language the words is very safe, but constantly asks or cancels the dialog. The incoming caller could thereby easily create the impression that he’s talking to a stupid machine. The guide provides a framework which should facilitate choices for the right technology and the right user interface design and support the systematic testing of application over the entire life cycle especially newcomers. As a company, which from the outset has put on the use of speech recognition and tracking of course linguistic approaches, we see us the responsibility to make a contribution to the consolidation and further development of the industry as a whole”so Kreutel continue. Quality standards, based on the user experience, could contribute to a large extent.