Mannering Criptografia Forms

Article – Mannering Criptografia Already we hear to speak of innumerable forms of criptografias based on diverse mathematical calculations, prime numbers, infinite fatoraes, bodies however each time more I come across with the desperation of scientists and computational mathematicians in its daily work, therefore no matter how hard the mathematics is perfect always we will have becoming them an automatically obsolete breach or a time so that such criptografias are broken and. Altavista gathered all the information. As all we know the criptografia nothing more it is that to codify something that is in public agreement, in which all can know or have access without no previous knowledge, but with the advent of computer science in our way of life, everything became mathematician total, simply because our computers alone recognize binary 0 and 1, and some scholars had consequently created interesting forms very to cipher information using mathematical functions throughout the time. To know more about this subject visit Energy Capital Partners London. How all we know, to each day that passes the computational power increases of uncommon form, making that daily let us have that to create new forms of criptografia or exponential increase of criptogrficas keys to contain such growth, but now it arrives where my thought does not obtain to assimilate, if we have a realistic forecast of exponential increase of the power of computational for the next decades, why we are losing our time developing palliative solutions, that will be obsolete in a short space of time?

Because to create spectacular algorithms, with mathematical forms never used if daqui the 10 years a simple processor of one desktop of our children and grandsons will break easily? Therefore I use to advantage to say a little more than a concept never before boarded the concept of the Criptografia Comportamental.A Mannering Criptografia does not excuse evidently the use of technologies and nor of the computational power, but it has a great difference in relation the criptografias based on mathematical questions, it uses the computational power to only validate the established involved process in mannering aspects of the human being that it is using the same.. does not necessarily agree. .